Should you Walk or Run?

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What should you do? The answer? Whats best for you!

In my opinion it really depends on how much time you have and if you are prone to injuries or not. If you are short on time, yes running will burn more calories in less time, but is harder on your body. You may burn the same calories in running 20 minutes as you do walking in 50 minutes to an hour. Here's the bottom line, I believe that most people seem more interested in how many calories they can burn than in becoming physically fit. You don't get fit or strong by running , yes you burn calories and yes you can lose weight and gain stamina, but you aren't building muscle. In fact, if you run long distances often, you actually burn muscle. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn naturally, which is why weight training is always a better option than cardio if you had to choose. You get to build muscle while burning calories, and if you keep that up you will have more muscle mass over time and in turn burn more calories when you workout. The reality is, if you are fueling your body correctly and exercise for the health benefits while taking the focus off of the calorie issue, a healthy weight and physique will be a natural byproduct.

Weights > Cardio, Period.

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