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Meditation comes in many forms. Some people can just sit in peace and quiet and meditate, but others find that place in the gym, running outside, or hiking in nature. Everyone has their "happy place", but true meditation can help with a lot of things.

How does one meditate you might ask? It is quite simple. Sit in an upright comfortable position, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and nothing else. Let everything that could possibly be going on in your life slip away. You may find that your mind races and goes places without your control. That is totally ok! Acknowledge it, remove it, and return to your breathing.

Meditating for 20 mins a day can relieve your stress, calm you down, (or the opposite) give you energy, help collect yourself, and give you peace of mind. Being more calm and collected on a daily basis will directly translate over to everything else fitness related.

If you are in a better state of mind you can accomplish more or greater things, like your fitness goals!

Start meditating today, and the only way to learn how to meditate is to do it yourself and find what works for you!

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach in Austin, TX? If so sign up today so that I can begin to help you reach your goals. Whether that is weightloss, weight gain, muscle building, strength gaining, endurance training, or even specific sport training, I am your guy! It is never too late to start!

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