Keep your children active!

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Growing up children have a lot more energy than their parents! (most of the time) And not only should you support their wants and needs to be active, but join them in it! Nowadays with technology running almost every household, its getting harder to get your children un-glued from their devices. We can all be found guilty of being on our phones or watching TV every once in a while, but its a terrible habit to grow up with. Getting your children involved in athletics, especially outdoors, will keep them from going down the path of childhood obesity and becoming lazy!

Some kids aren't wired for athletics and are uncoordinated. Maybe they have no interest in basketball or baseball! Doesn't matter. Get them involved in something active. Maybe they love nature, then encourage them to go outside and hike! There are a million activities you can do that aren't revolved around sports that can keep you active! Kayaking, swimming, and hiking to name a few.

Also, do you want to be that out of shape parent that can't keep up with their kids? No, of course not. An old client told me when he began his weight loss journey that he didn't want to be the fat dad who couldn't shoot hoops with his boys without getting winded. Now after losing 60 lbs. and becoming addicted to fitness, he coaches his boys' basketball team and takes them on runs and biking trails every weekend. Totally inspiring!

Be active, encourage your kids to be active, and live a healthy life! Don't know how? Let me help you!

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach in Austin, TX? If so sign up today so that I can begin to help you reach your goals. Whether that is weightloss, weight gain, muscle building, strength gaining, endurance training, or even specific sport training, I am your guy! It is never too late to start!

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