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Whats the down low on vitamins and supplements? Do you need them? Do they help? What should you take? Here are my thoughts...

As far as vitamins and supplements go, I take a few things...there are some that go way overboard and have a pill for everything, or a powder for pre-workout, during-workout, and post-workout. Some are unnecessary and others are CRUCIAL.

Here is what I take!

I have a custom pack of vitamins/supplements that I take every day with my breakfast, which includes a sport multi-vitamin, fish oil, BCAAs, Join Support, and L-glutamine and L-arganine.

Now, some of you may have no idea what any of these things are, but they help me in many different ways. If I had to suggest you take anything, it would be a multi-vitamin and fish oil. These are too basic supplements that can have a drastic change in your well-being and workouts/energy levels.

I also take a Protein Powder after every single workout. I keep my supplements fairly basic because you really don't need too much! Trial and error is the best way to see how things work for you, but make sure you do your homework or ask me if you have any questions!

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach in Austin, TX? If so sign up today so that I can begin to help you reach your goals. Whether that is weightloss, weight gain, muscle building, strength gaining, endurance training, or even specific sport training, I am your guy! It is never too late to start!

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