Static and Dynamic Stretching!

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What are dynamic and static stretching? What do they mean? What are the differences? When should I stretch? Stretching has been engrained as a MUST in our heads since we were very young. But what does stretching do? Does it warm up your muscles? Does it lengthen them? Does it prepare someone for activity, or should it be done after activity? Here is my view...Dynamic stretching (stretching while moving) is the most important form of stretching. It not only helps activate and warm up muslces that are about to be used, but helps prevent injury! I have my clients perform a series of dynamic stretches before they workout with me, and there are no exceptions. If you do not do my perscribed "dynamics" you cannot begin your workout! Static stretching (or stretching without movement or in place) has its benefits, but not before working out. After you are finished working out you can perform static stretches to help relieve tension or tightness, as well as relieve some pain and gain mobility! I can teach you the proper ways to stretch in person during your FREE first personal training session with me in Austin, TX if you sign up today! What are you waiting for?

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