Is Running Bad For You?

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The short answer....yes. Running is scientifically proven to be the worst form of activity for your joints, the constant pounding with lack of muscular development lead to knee/ankle/hip porblems. However...what is the one thing that almost ANYONE can do that is fitness related without the need of a gym, experience in working out, or any coordination? Running. Running can be the gateway to working out and being more fit, but unfotunately it has its drawbacks. However, running for some is more than just burning calories and getting a good sweat. Many people run because it gives them an escape from their life or gives them a chance to think or clear their mind. Running can be very therapeutic for some, but if you are looking to burn calories, walking is better and is the best form of cardio from an injury/pain standpoint. I personally do not run, it bores me, hurts my knees, and gives me no release! BUT, if you need to incorporate running into your workout regiment for sanity purposes, go right ahead, who am I to tell you to stop doing what you love! Run less, and work out with me more! Start your personal training sessions with me today in Austin, TX!

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