Yoga Instructor and Mother of Two!

My client and good friend Melissa A. Had a wonderful 12 week transformation...she was one of the most dedicated clients I ever had. Not only did she dial in her diet 100%, she busted her butt every day to make sure she was photo shoot ready by the end...She was able to do all of this while simultaneously teaching Yoga full time, taking care of her 2 beautiful young girls, and working another job! Her diet before she started training with me wasn't bad by any means, but when she began to research more and listened to her body she was able to see what worked best for her. I helped give her the tools she needed but she excelled on her own! After her program with me she was inspired to become a Paleo chef and began cooking meals for not only her family, but for others. She ended up cooking meals for many of my other clients with 100% organic and healthy ingredients which helped many of them reach their goals even faster!Melissa was one of my hardest working clients of all time and she became a very close friend in the process. She trusted in me, and so should you! Start your personal training sessions with me today in Austin, TX!

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