My first Lean Bulk!

Personal trainer in austin, TX transformation muscle gain

What is a lean bulk? Lean Bulking is a patient man's takes time a dedication. Lean bulk is putting on lean muscle mass while mainting a low body fat percentage. This was a few years ago when I decided i want to get in better shape after an injury, and I wanted to gain some mass! I decided to get my diet back on track, and workout even harder! I upped my clean food intake and added some mass gaining protein shakes to the mix, and I wasn't on an particular diet, the only thing I really cut out was sugar, alcohol, and eating out!This transformation took place in around 4 months, and I was pleased with my results. I started a new program this Monday July 13 and In a few months I will be posting before and after photots of my results! Stay tuned and get started with your own personal training sessions with me today in Austin, TX!

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