Building a Relationship with your client.

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My client Cole B. lost 60 pounds with me, couldn't do 5 pushups when he first started and is now benching over 200 pounds...A clients goals should always be your primary concern, but building a healthy relationship with them outside of the gym is key as well. We got to know each other well during his transformation period, learned a lot about his family, his wife (who trained with me as well), and his children. Knowing and understanding someones life and what is going on in it can help you realize why they may be struggling sometimes, and remembering things about them and their personal life helps them feel more comfortable with you as their trainer. When Cole and I would work out together we would be laughing and chatting as hard as we were training, which is an awesome mix once you establish a solid relationship. Being a personal trainer is more than walking your clients around some machines, it is more than correcting form or teaching your clients how to exercise efficiently, you become a therapist, a counselor, and even more importantly, a friend. Start your Personal Training sessions with me today in Austin, TX! What are you waiting for?

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