What constitutes a cheat meal?!


For many, a cheat meal at the end of the week or on a weekend is a GOAL...which is the wrong mindset, and I hear this all the time..."I worked hard today so I deserve a glass of wine" or "I ate clean all week so this weekend im going nuts" What most people dont understand is that a cheat meal or for some cheat DAY can ruin not only a hard days work, but and entire WEEKS worth of hard training and clean eating. Why take steps forward and then step back? A cheat meal should be ONE meal, and that meal should be a few hundred more calories that a normal meal that you would have...don't go overboard with alcohol consumption, there is nothing worse! I tell my clients this, if you can train for 3 months straight without a drop of alcohol or cheat meal, your results will be phenomenal! Not only will you FEEl better, but you will prove to yourself that you don't need those things in your life! Once you have reached your goal, you can slowly add the things you like back into your meal plan, because you have first hand knowledge and experience to work it back off!

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