What is Dirty Bulking?


Dirty Bulking is gaining size and strength by any means neccessary, and not controling what you put in your mouth! I gave "Dirty Bulking" a try to see how it was and learn about it so I could speak from experience! For some, this method of gaining size and weight works! For me, as much as I enjoyed gaining weight being bigger than I ever was, I was NOT healthy...and being healthy is so important when weight training. Dirty bulking is a FAST way to gain size, but you lack lean muscle! Being PATIENT and eating healthy and clean but in larger quantities is a much slower way to gain weight, but the results are much more appealing! This is my personal opinion on Dirty Bulking, if you desire aesthetics, lean slow bulking is your path...Want to bulk up? Start by signing up with me as your Personal Trainer in Austin, TX!

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