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I grew up overseas in Saudi Arabia and lived there for 15 years. I've traveled all over the world and finally moved back to the states 8 years ago. I went to high school and college in Pennsylvania, but moved to Austin for a fresh start! 


I was always very skinny growing up, but very athletic at the same time. I never listened to my dad when he told me to start going to the gym, because why should I? I played basketball, volleyball, track and field, baseball, you name it! But nothing I was doing was anything else other than cardio vascular activity. Even though my endurance was strong, nothing else was, including my legs.


I began to have knee problems in the 5th grade from all the activity. Jumping in basketball, jumping in volleyball, doing high jump in track and field, and all of this took a toll on my knees. I was wearing braces and limping all the time and could not figure out what was wrong...


And then it hit me! My legs were weak...they had no muscular support, so I began to squat and have never had a knee problem since. YES. Squatting saved my knees, squats only hurt your knees if you do them INCORRECTLY!


My new love for getting stronger led me to working out every day, and pushing my body to the limit. I went from being 6'0 - 125 lbs to 6'3 - 185lbs in less than 4 years. It took me too long to realize that I could help other people do what I did, and ever since that day I have worked hard to help others use fitness as a way to feel better about themselves.